Apathy is the biggest threat to Canadian democracy

I know, everyone thinks it is Trudeau. It’s not, it’s ourselves.

Canadians have a backwards form of patriotism—if the States do it, we need to do the opposite.

I used to love 22 Minutes. They are hateful now. But hey, it’s approved Canadian content to celebrate discrimination.

I didn’t plan on going off on Randolph last night. I’m just fed up. If I have to be a bitch sometimes to get people’s attention so be it. Bill C-11 in combination with other bills is dangerous and I refuse to turn back the clock on freedom of expression.

People in Canada don’t want to be political. We either think things are fine, doesn’t affect me attitude or they are scared of losing what they have. It’s time to start speaking up.

This act will change how any Canadian citizen views any online streaming service. CRTC rules will be applied to anything you see online in Canada. YouTube creators will have to meet the point system or have their content buried. The government will decide even which genres of media are promoted.

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