Bill C-11 -going to the Senate

The government didn’t even want this to go to the Senate. We still have a chance to stop this.

Looks like I have some letters to write

Write to the Senate if you are in Canada and make your voice heard. We need to keep the internet free. We have the Charter of freedom of information. We already have regulations. Bill C-11 will take away independent artists ability to have our content out. Nobody I know would qualify under the CRTC.

If you aren’t Canadian, write to your local government. American YouTube creators think “it’s a Canadian law, it won’t affect me”. It will. If Canadians have restricted, government mandated 50% CRTC regulated Canadian content, we won’t be able to access your content or it will be so buried in the Algorithm you won’t reach our market. You will make less money. This will impact Twitch, Streamyard, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp…ANY online media platform.

We need help. Our media will end up controled like China. I’m scared.

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