Patriot shouldn’t be a dirty word

When did saying “I love my country” become the words of a terrorist?

I have gotten into this with Americans for years, it’s become a sport to me. They said that Canadians couldn’t be patriotic or call themselves that. Ok, to be fair some of them couldn’t find us on the map. I understand the word has a different meaning below the border. It was banter. It was a way to get under their skin in chats and I honestly believed although our government wasn’t perfect (Trudeau has always been a dumb frat boy to me) hey, we legalized pot, we seemed to be protecting human rights and was still the happy powerhouse of a country as I grew up with.

For me, I am proud of my country and my flag. I have always been Crypta from Canada. I think I spent too long on international news and took mine for granted. I figured I could trust in the institutions here. I love scrapping online. Guilty confession as a troll. Canadians are peaceful and silly. Standing up to people like neo-nazis or ISIL, I feel like I’m throwing marshmallows to put out a forest fire. I stood up to evil because that’s what Canadians do.

I never imagined I’d be arguing with other Canadians over something other than hockey. It’s weird. Does this mean I’m getting old😱

Now, having a flag makes you a radical. If you have a Canadian flag you must be a racist, homophobic, sexist fringe with unacceptable views who takes up space.

Is this really Canada? Was I asleep or in the trenches of media so long I missed the real threat to democracy….apathy. I genuinely think Trudeau is corrupt and destroying Canada. Are 80% of the country going to be on watch list because they shared a meme expressing how pathetic our prime minister is? Don’t the cops have better things to do. Trudeau’s vaccine surveillance plan should be called the Department of Twisted Panties and Money Laundering.

I refuse to stop saying I’m a Canadian patriot or stop believing in freedom. Just because the MSM says by saying it on my social media, it makes me an automatic criminal. I think there is a very fine line some of the local broadcasters have been treading. It becomes almost its own form of hate speech and will further divide our community. We need healing and rebuilding. We need unity. Some people don’t want normal back or to stand up for the country we used to be.

Will events in Saanich like the bank robbery happen again? It’s happened before. It will happen regardless. How about we discuss Nova Scotia next.

We are facing a recession. Will people be upset with government? Absolutely. Some people are crazy. Who knows what drives people to desperate, violent acts.

I think there is also the danger of disenfranchisement of youth and adults. I see it all the time. Saw it for years. The pandemic restrictions created a social monster, let’s be honest. Please, tell me again how isolation and economic decline are somehow Putin’s fault or a reason for insane climate taxes that are starving families.

Interesting thread. I cannot condone the actions of anyone who does violence. There have been excellent points from many of the posts as to more general motives of why these events happen. There might be more to this story. Some of the points are the key to stopping events like this in the future.

I think the MSM needs to take a step back sometimes, not segregate people who believe in Canada. It’s going to add gasoline not marshmallows in the long run.

Time to look at the bigger picture without biases. What happened in Saanich shouldn’t be used as a platform for discrimination by the MSM, especially ones who use it as a weapon for personal reasons. I support free speech, I also can always shut off my tv or radio. If people want to behave mean, fill your boots. That’s Canada.

Love and prayers 🙏 we all want a better future but it won’t happen without coming together in the middle.

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