NWO or pub prank?

Georgia Guidestones Explosion – Mysterious Monument Destroyed – LIVE NEWS COVERAGE” on YouTube

Thank you Steve and mods for the stream.

Originally I was laughing. God came down, all that jazz.  That really was creepy public art but was it inherently evil? I thought so before but now I’m not sure.

Ok I’ve been bad on Twitter about it but it’s like the Titanic. You name a monument indestructible it’s asking for trouble.

I’m not going to lie, this thing was super creepy, all sorts of mason alien satan nonsense conspiracy theories going around.

What if it was a prank, an elaborate shaggy dog story. What if the makers genuinely believed that this would be all that was left of humanity after a nuclear war.

Then I read this…nope that was one creepy sculpture and if this is who wanted it rebuilt then yes, it was made with dark intentions.

Read the inscription. The first lines about keeping the world’s population under 5billion. Creepy eugenics.

I still want to believe that it was a harmless tourist trap. I still want to believe that governments weren’t out to exterminate the public.

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