The dangers of PERC in drycleaning…or why I quit my job.

“Handling PERC and PERC Waste” on YouTube environment Canada and Washington State. 🇺🇸❤️🇨🇦

This is a great article and I’m going to break it down in an upcoming live stream.

It’s not the heat. I walked in the door and it smelled like being next to the machine
That little black thing is the only extraction fan apart from the boiler room
There was an open window

Going through the CDC data I can calculate how much toxin was in the air that day. I could smell it going into the shop.

Problem is, you don’t always smell it but it hangs in the air, then the vapor can go down to the dirt and water.

I will my former boss peace.

Because I reported him to WorkSafe BC I’m blacklisted from some jobs. I loved doing fire restorations.

Things will work out

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