Weekend joy

Today’s stream. I forgot I was live at points I was happy talking with friends. I don’t normally let my guard down so much but I love TM and Haley πŸ’• we went through alot on SBN and going through the pandemic was like going thru a war. I needed to vent. I needed to be myself…the queen of bad karaoke and copyright strikes.

A silly stream

Yesterday I woke up at 9am and freaked out because I thought I was late to work 🀦🀣 Go blonde. Then I sang and napped on my deck like a big cat. I have yummy pizza for dinner this week. I don’t like frozen pizza from the store so I got extra to freeze for another day.

I love doing live streams. I got copyright strikes left right and center with this stream but I am starting not to care. I get sick of listening to talking. Once again God said make a joyful noise, nothing about being good πŸ™πŸ˜‰

I’m glad I booted Wild. I care about him, but he doesn’t care about himself.  My drunk wasn’t clicking with his drunk.

It’s been a year. All I hear is excuses. He got arrested for assaulting his brother. He will be fine for a bit then freak out. It’s not entertaining anymore.

Data is too expensive here to keep justifying watching him spaz out. I pay $270+ a month, it’s not worth it. It feels like a waste. I want to be around happy people. I want to talk about Canadian politics.

https://youtu.be/QtNowb-IgdA πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ enough with the woke shit 🀣🀦 I love my country. It’s so exciting in the House of Commons right now. Too funny.

Cleaning and homework today. I am doing a little stream early in the day. I like to be in bed at a reasonable hour. I get up at 4am.

I love my life. I really hope they keep me at my new job. I wake up excited to go in, even on weekends when I can sleep in 🀣. My coworkers are awesome. After the pandemic I felt depressed. I didn’t know what to do with my life. When I went into my old shop I felt like a ghost. I knew I couldn’t go back, I had to start over. I feel privileged to be around such hardworking, fun people. It feels like working with family. It’s given me such strength. Not just physically but emotionally. It’s not a glamorous job but I feel like a rock star. Keep me in your prayers πŸ™πŸ’ŸβœοΈ

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