Freaky accurate tarot readings

I couldn’t sleep and thought I would go through some of the tarot card readings on YouTube.

I don’t know why I’m anxious. Everything is great. I haven’t been sleeping well especially on work nights. I get so paranoid I’m going to sleep through my alarm, I only half sleep.  I’ll get used to it.

I don’t consider tarot readings bad even as a theist. I do readings but I like getting a second (or third or fourth) opinion.

🤯 2023 seems like it will be amazing.

I try to catch her. She does great videos.

Christina “Sassy” is hilarious. I don’t normally sit through a long video but I couldn’t stop watching.

I keep pulling the same cards. All these readings have similar cards.

It’s not like these channels watch each other or plan things out.

6 of cups again

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