MAID in Canada has a whole new meaning

Canada a world leader in organs harvested from euthansia | National Post Canada becomes world leader in organ donation after euthanasia Warning! Very disturbing & shocking! Large numbers of children’s bodies found in an underground facility in #CCPChina soaked in formalin on Dec 26, 2022.#CCP’s official number has it that 2 […]

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Cooking show on a commute💗

“12 Amazing Potato Recipes!! Collections ! Delicious and Easy ! Potato Snack ,  French Fries” I love cooking shows. I could leave the tv on the food networks for weeks. When I have cable I have. These look so easy. I can’t wait to get paid and get a bunch of groceries. I’ve been disappointed […]

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Happy Caturday

Dinner for few | Animated short film by Nassos Vakalis One of those days…weeks…months It doesn’t feel like Saturday. It feels like Monday even though my Sunday is my Friday 🥴

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