Time to double down on homework

Last year I saw a job position with the Vic PD. I’ve never done office work but I applied anyways. I knew I didn’t have enough experience but I like challenging myself.

I’ve considered enlisting in the army even. I just hate wearing the same thing as everyone else.

I enrolled in an online course for police science. I was so excited. I’d spend all night doing notes. I had my work hours cut so I had tons of time. Got 80% on the first quiz, 75% on the second. I felt like I was a superhero I was whipping thru it so fast.

AND…two weeks later the Ottawa protest happened.

I was crushed. I couldn’t in good conscience follow orders to beat up peaceful protesters. It was sick what happened.

Martial law has no place in democracy and the inquiry into the EA was a joke.

Now…I feel focused again. I can’t wait to hit the books.

I have no idea what I’ll do with the course after. I can see a problem as well with going into law enforcement. I love guns but I’ve never held one. And I’ve had several cars but no official driver’s licence. I suck being a grown up. I fake adult well.

If you follow my Twitter, you might notice I’m kinda a troll. Most normal people wouldn’t tease CSIS but I find it hilarious 🤦 ok it’s a dumb idea but I can’t help it 😂 We actually kinda go way back. It’s like teasing cousins. I’m sure sometimes I give the spooks a chuckle.

Somehow I don’t think my application would be approved.

Might as well finish the course. Could open doors in the future.

Call me Ms.Piggy 🤦😂 most of my coworkers don’t even know. My family thought I was nuts. If we don’t try new things we don’t grow as people. Even if I never work in the field it’s changing how I look at the world. No education is wasted.

Even my women’s study degree I never finished. I don’t think I have the patience for that much woke.

I’m the queen of poor life decisions but I feel good about this one. Again. Only took me a year. This cowgirl is back on the saddle.

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