Corporate blackmail and why I will never work for a temp agency again

I have had this blog on the backburner for months. I’ve written it several times and deleted it. I was scared.

I originally started working for my current employer because I wanted to do a blog on working for a temp agency. I’ve done laundry and had PTSD as you can tell thru my Twitter and this website. I figured I had an out either way if it went bad for my first time in investigation journalism.

I didn’t expect I would fall in love with the company that came up. They feel like family now.

I got permission from management to publish this. It’s wrong what everyone went through.

Gloves off, game on.

It needs to be said.

I wanted to protect my boss. He’s an amazing general manager. I didn’t want to talk about what I went through. I stuffed it down.

I’m not writing this because I think temp agencies are bad. They provide a valuable service in the corporate realm and to the people who maybe don’t fit into a normal work environment.

I get that. Total respect. What I went through was different. It’s what lead me to get bullied.

I was 498 hours to being released from the contract

“can’t I quit Randstad and just keep working”.


“if you do that I will make it very difficult for your boss”

“I’m not a fucking slave”. Which was the wrong thing to say. But Omg two hours of being released from a contract

“I don’t put up with emotional abuse. I had so much hope in you. I loved our emails and I’m so disappointed”.

Kbros paid $5k so I could keep work for them.

“you so pretty $5”

I love the company. They are family.

I am not property but having a temporary work agency say they will cause friction for one of the best companies I have met….

I’ve kept my mouth shut.

And fuck you Raj. I hope the extra coin was worth selling your soul.

If you go into a job as a temp you are underestimated. It was brutal but I’m grateful to God that I got the experience on the other side. I’ve never been looked down so much since high school. FFS ain’t we adults and build each other up.

I was underestimated. I was told by a manager because I get covered in bruises moving the carts. …. wait for it. …”did you get hit by your pimp”””

Wow, imagine getting treated like that. I ain’t no ho even if my website is colourful.

Seriously this is the level of dumb abuse. But I fucking take it because I believe in rebuilding the economy.

I should have been honest but that’s against the rules of investigations journalists but with c18 I can’t even qualify.

How fucking mean to say that but if you are a temp you are disposable.

I did many years at UVic and paid my dues long ago 🖕

I’m not finished this blog but damn I feel good standing up for myself.

Love and prayers. Omg may all this pain and weight off my chest go away. I don’t give a fuck about money.

I love this company. We do good work. I just needed to vent

It’s not like I saw any of that $5 thousand for my contract.

At least my masters are gratitude enough I can publish this for whatever it’s worth. I’ve been making myself sick holding this in and it’s absolutely wrong me and my boss have been blackmailed because I’m too smart and too good a worker.

Damn. $5k would be nice right now.

Slavery is real

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  1. Gotta love that glass ceiling. I love stained glass but oh yeah that’s coming down. Women aren’t disposable and I ain’t property but I let myself into the situation to protect the people I work with. Я ем парней вроде тебя на завтрак …..I eat boys like you for breakfast. Women are property and being erased

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