Lip gloss and Tobacco sauce

Work was good today. I quit on Friday. First I said I was on strike. Wasn’t even I wanted to have St.Patricks off or a Friday.

Not sure why my coworker left that there but I love Tabasco sauce. Usually he isn’t nice to me.

I got yelled at hard and I had a full out panic attack.

Really? Worse time to try quit smoking…. again

Church was awesome last night. Most people don’t say it but we got into the whole MAID issue which is close to my heart.

Email to my friend Brother’s Campfire. He is a good big brother 💟✝️🪷🙏🪷✝️💟

I’m glad I’m going back…to both work and church… even if I drink like a fish, swear like a sailor and might have told a manager I love them like a little kid because I’d just taken a bunch of cannabis concentrate 🙃🤷 oops

I worshipped Dr. Hunter S. Thompson before fear and loathing came out. Go gonzo or go home.

Love and prayers. Whatever we don’t got God does. Stay safe and stay blessed 💓🙏💓

Email to my friend Richard. He’s a veteran and sometimes he helps me stay off the ledge of the cliff of PTSD. We all need to support each other.

Let’s all play nice in the sandbox, build each other up not tear each other down and make people happy & sweet money this summer.

It can be beautiful and I believe in the crew. Even the bully

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