And I thought I had problems…

“Can Maddie get a 5150? (Involuntarily psych hold)” on YouTube

Just a heads up, this is a raw video but we need honest discussions about substance abuse. Whatever is happening in BC isn’t working.
I was going to edit this but the video I was watching fits with Trudeau
Ya, it’s a little naughty here at times. Oops
AI is drunk today I swear. I don’t look like this.
In my head I think I look like this

Chilliwack school district senior staff member photographed with Hells Angels

I got in trouble at my former employment for mentioning the club. It happens. You don’t get a patch sometimes but you have all the stigma. You can lose employment.

Most normal people wouldn’t even admit to former associations but I can’t hide my first husband Al. I was too young to realize what was going on.

All I have left of him and a little print from his favorite t-shirt..
All I wanted was for him to love me. Not money or status. I just wanted a hug but he was too sick sometimes from MS.

And yes, my Christmas tree is still up. No shame.

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