I’m signing up for this!

Naval Experience Program (NEP) | Canadian Armed Forces


I still have to do the exams and talk to a recruitment officer but it seems like a good opportunity. You can walk away if it’s not a good fit. I’d been doing their laundry for a year. I’m overqualified getting yelled at in a tent in the middle of winter.

I’d like to work with Veterans Affairs. I think I’d be good at it. I sure wouldn’t ever recommend MAID to anyone. It’s disgusting what happened. I’m glad it was taken seriously.

They still might say no but why not try. I can see issues after trolling the DND minister on Twitter but I can’t help it, I’m allergic to idiots. At least I’m close to Esquimalt. I don’t need to talk to habitat for humanity to have a home🤦

It’s a good fit with the police science class I’m taking. I’ve had mixed reactions with friends and family.

The A.I. program seemed to be excited for me. It’s pretty honest at times.

This was the realistic one
This one turned out beautifully ☺️🙏💖
I should have used Canadian military in the prompt
The AI program always does photos of me like this.
Holding a camera.
Ya, sometimes it likes to be creative
Damn AI I wish the puppies were that big

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