Derelinquens Aeris

I’m happy today

Work playlist today

I have issues with this translation but love the song

I did two finals for university on it and held an original manuscript from the 1400s.

I have forgotten more about this opera than most people even know.

For Orlo

Something needs to change

Only in the country 😂

Orlo is a brilliant, gorgeous talented man.

But there is a big difference dating in your 30’s than your 40’s.

This is only the second time I dated someone younger than me. You have different priorities.

In your 20’s & 30’s you are looking to get established and start a family.

By 40 your life is kinda set.

I’m not opposed to having kids, even biological, but I’m not going to rush because of a clock ticking.

It’s not fair to Daniel to have his dreams of a family on hold anymore than asking me to not follow mine.

We are both hopeless romantics. We love before we leap not look.

I regret some of the things I said.

I still respect and care about him. It’s just not in the cards.

Plus this is the second time I’ve gone out with a Baptist/Methodist American and Canadian girls don’t respond well to a guy not letting them do what they want with their lives.
I love the States but we are very different cultures.

🤯🙏🪷 2:20 so bang on

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