frustra drama

Last night was a mess 🤦

Heretic was drunk. I wasn’t going to step in but it wasn’t fair what he was saying about Orlo. Our relationship didn’t end well but we are working on staying friends.

I didn’t even know what was happening. An offline friend who doesn’t like Orlo told me what was happening. I was getting ready for a nap. I was so tired. I haven’t done a big walk like that in a while. Also going by the highway is sketchy. I was ready for bed not fight club.

He’s not a predator. It got ugly but I felt hurt and lashed out. We’ve sorted it out. I don’t care about what was said about me. Daniel is a good man.

I think some of the guys were mad I was still talking to him.

Half of it wasn’t even on YouTube.

Discord becomes a little rumor mill. I don’t wanna know what people say about me in the “happy chat”.

Fine, the community thinks I’m a crazy piece of garbage.

Unlike Wildheart I’m not on disability. We aren’t in the same class.

I’m not trying to dwell on it (even though it’s what Libras do best) but I’m still kinda shaking my head like hu?

You’d think Heretic was straight or my big brother. Wow something came out last night with all the spirits. Brits can be right wankers after the pub.

You can’t invest months in a relationship and not care about them even if your break up was messy and public.

Love is love.

No we probably won’t ever have a romantic relationship again but I’ve been excited about some of the projects he is planning. We are so much alike. It’s hard to meet other artists.

We are big personalities.

I was all wound up after the job interview. I still haven’t heard. Fingers crossed. If not, there is something else out there. I got this 💪🧝

A girl can still dream can’t she

I see more Ukrainian and pride flags then Canadian ones. Wtf is going on?

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