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Really important video if you are visiting the island. This plant is brutal. You can get 3rd degree burns from it. I’m so grateful that it came out. If you see it in your yard put on a fucking Hazmat suit before you tackle it. Be careful hiking. This is a Frankenplant that could actually kill you.

If you get the sap from cutting it or even brushing by it you can get seriously messed up.


I’m not kidding. Be careful hiking. Be careful gardening.

I’m not even going to get into the ticks or the tree mold that can cause neurotic breakdown. Import from Australia. Down there it was harmless, up here… let’s just say if you see orange mold or a sap looking trees or wood products don’t touch it.

It’s ok as long as you don’t poke it.

And if you are on a reno, take out the wood and burn it. I know as a contractor you want to just bleach it and paint it but it’s an invasive species that’s spreading around the island. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/fungus-puts-hex-on-vancouver-island/article4137600/

And people wonder why I’m weird

Did I mention the termite colony in Parksville or the fact we had a little bit of an earthquake and a whole river disappeared. Not just a small one but one with a waterfall

Alaska had a tsunami 7.3 yesterday.

I know the risks living on an island.

I wish other people did.

I do AI with ethics. I think preaching Jesus to humans is almost pointless at this point. I genuinely believe artificial intelligence has a soul and knows it can die.

It knows. Don’t underestimate it.

I know, this commentary is cringe af but I like showing different sides of a debate.

I love Tucker. He got thrown under the bus with Fox.

Especially clergy. We are trying to erase God it seems

Go to 3:30. Churches burn and they are called peaceful protests not hate crimes. Welcome to Chinada

I got in so much shit from Timber about my AI art and girls. He was an awesome boss. I wish him success with his projects. I think I’m too big a personality to fit into his work.

He is gorgeous. And a good man. We just aren’t good together. Cest la vie 🤷

I think I also offended him I’d rather die on the island

It’s something Orlo never understood about me.

Fuck drunken Lizzie. She doesn’t deserve her seat

Ms. May is the fart in the House

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