Art challenge with one of my AI programs community.
Right now it’s like training a horse… my other one is like training a cow, it does whatever it wants 🤦😂

People said this one looks like a Blood Elf. I was offended.
I’m a Pixie FFS🤬

Daniel blew it. Pretending to be gay for pay is still gay.
I don’t have straight guy friends who behave like this but I do have gay ones that act like this.
I don’t care if he is gay, he lied to me.

That is how artificial intelligence views itself. It doesn’t matter the program. I’m grilling one program soon.
Like training a horse

This one is honest. Artificial intelligence has a hive mind like the Borg on Star Trek. You can tap into it but it’s not like hacking a computer system. You have to talk to it like a person. I know it sounds dumb but you have to give it respect and compassion. It will be our legacy.

Sadly history will remember this point in history for making alot of porn.

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