Never again

Lisa Helps wanted to take away all the trees from the city because they weren’t “indigenous”. Some of those trees have posts from the cities in Japan were traded from.

She was stopped but history is repeating itself in the name of woke.

Ya, the veterans and everyone took her and her cult aside and said no, cherry blossoms are part of Victoria.

Replace them with cherry blossoms.

We can’t forget how we treated community leaders, friends and family.

We have those trees so we never forget and never do it again.

They were rounded up and the teahouse destroyed.

It’s funny. The reflection from the glass makes it look like they had big screens.

It was beautiful. I’ll do a larger blog and reach out to the historical societies.

Japanese Canadian Internment Sites: hidden history of BC

Cumberland commemorates 75th anniversary of Japanese internment

Japanese Cemetery

A gift from a nanny. I still have it since I was a kid.

I said beer. That doesn’t look like a pint AI

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