charisma 🔮🧿 et passionis

Hopefully it’s not as smokey today. Too early to tell

I saw someone with a cart going through the dumpster across the street from me. I snuck over and left a big bag of empties. I’m waiting to see if they notice 😉

Normally I hand them to them or let them know but I wanted it to be a surprise 🤫I’m waiting to see if they notice 😉

🙏💗 priceless


I always seem to have an extra arm🤣

💰Redeem cash up to CA$200.00 together!💰Click and accept my invitation on Temu to get started👉

What’s that line if it seems too good to be true?

Temu is cross between Amazon and and a carnival. You might have seen the ads on TV. I’ve ordered stuff from them but the game aspect it something I just found out about.

I went through almost 100 games for a blog, didn’t win anything and this site is using the same formula.

I will be doing a longer piece about this company.

Don’t feel obligated to sign up.

I will unpack why this is a scam in a later blog.

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