First Contact

I stay in the shadow of the night

Pond breathe the innocence of a small treasure


Just a psychedelic chemical life out behind Paris 6am

I put trust only in a star

You don’t see me.

Like every organic fantasy I am invisible because you don’t feel shame

You avoid that battlefield

You pig

You torture love almost like Wednesday noon

The fire red pressure in your brain strong spark of pure energy

I am forged gentle power dizzying to you because you’ve forgotten sin

You’re an average masculine roadkill bar fly

I’m the gatekeeper of monsters

A precious blue eyed crucible of time

Loyal to both grief and humor

I’m wild femininity poison purity

The moon

Then you saw me

Did I frighten you



I’m a weird coy star girl

But you are scared of me

Now I know why this video haunts me but I made this in 1996/7.

Way before the band even hit the airwaves here.

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