Non iterum vultus deinceps ad eam commutandam

Not looking forward to commuting again.

I love the job, not the travel

I need to start advertising for art more.

On the list once in done chores. I’m finally motivated.

How I set up the blogs. I pull clips in advance, make artwork for the day then fill it in with stories that come out.

I had no idea what to do today for art.

Almost finished decluttering 🥳

I want to move all my records in here and move the towels to the walk in closet.

Wait for the after before you start hating 🤦

I’ve been depressed but it’s just everything is so up in the air.

I’m ok. I’ve been through worse.

Not quite but I should be done by the end of the week.

It’s helping cheer me up.

I won’t have time when I’m back at work.

Up at 4am, on the 5:30 bus to make it in for 7:30. Get back to town around 6 or 7pm.

Rinse and repeat.

The thought of commuting again almost makes me want to cry.

I love the work and company, don’t get me wrong. They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever worked for.

I love being outdoors and playing with plants but I felt like I was commuting longer than my work shift.

It’s just such a long commute. I did it for years when I lived in Sidney and worked in Victoria.

It wears on you.

And early mornings. I literally sleep with the lights on and the tv going because I sleep so deep sometimes I won’t hear my alarm.

So I barely sleep if I’m working. Then sleep from Friday night until early Saturday evening.

It’s not healthy but I have to work. I can’t miss that first bus.

Even with a car it can take that long if you get stuck with ferry traffic or an accident.

Rinse and repeat.

A few times I was late at the laundry but my original contract was for 7:30 not 6:00. I could tell they needed the help so I volunteered.

I gotta stop being nice.

I even walked in during the big snow. It was wonderful getting yelled at all day. It’s funny the amount of abuse you will take for a paycheck.

I swear I have PTSD from that job but what can I do. EI refused to investigate harassment.

Joe D…if you are read this (*assuming you can read)

Spero che ne sia valsa la pena. Non so perché ci siamo incontrati, penso che Marnie abbia qualcosa a che fare con tutto questo, ma tu hai rovinato tutto. Eri così concentrato sul materialismo che sei diventato cattivo. Continuerò a pregare per te perché nessun altro lo farà.

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