Biblia accurata est….

The Bible is accurate…

When thrown at close range

I think of a few people I’d like to smack some sense into.

I dreamt Ringo Starr died last night. It was on the news in my dream.

Colour me surprised

I said I was a Theist, never said I was perfect

I don’t need to justify my relationship with God or Jesus to anyone else. If Daniel is genuine about church good on him.

I don’t think he is sincere.

He treats everything like a joke.

Greta is a pawn. She is a Rothschild, she wasn’t “just a high school student”. Her family goes way back.

Fuck that cunt.

Love and prayers 🙏🧚❤️🫂

$2500 for a one bedroom. Goody

But hey, 🇺🇸 you have guns. Tough call eh

I don’t even know if Dan recognized the pattern of behaviour.

His friends tried to warn me.

Jag tanked the NDP. I couldn’t even stand to watch the clip

I glow in the dark. I’m ok with that.

I don’t understand these prompts. This isn’t what I planned

Every post I keep getting a blue and gold theme if I don’t put one in. It’s like AI knows me.

I know I used these the other day but I can make them into a larger animation.

Right now I can only afford to do the shorts.

One day I’ll do a whole movie.

I ain’t fucking Disney ok, I don’t have a whole studio of minions

So darn cute


Stay safe sir


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