sunt stultior PRAEBIBO his diebus

People are dumber than toast these days I swear

I can’t believe I made this. Sometimes I get what I planned

It was a good debate until it got pulled

I’ve never gotten along with Jefferson.

I stopped watching a lot of the atheist channels because they turned on me during the truckers protests.

I’m sure half of them still wear a mask alone in the car just to be extra socially virtually to show they are against climate change. Hope that 7th booster is working well for them.

Puberty blockers are child abuse.

There, I said it.

I’m not transphobic. I have no issues with an adult transitioning.

The way it’s being pushed on kids is disgusting and wrong.

It’s lying to children and parents to feed big pharma.

Much like I have no problem with drag shows for adults.

Why is it getting pushed on kids?

Seniors love drag. Why aren’t people fighting to have drag time in the nursing home?

Call me homophobic 🤦

I worry more about the people pushing this gender ideology into kids and if someone was offended by what was being said maybe YouTube should check their channel instead. We need to stop endorsement of mental illness. Gender dysmorphia is a mental illness and the way society has latched onto it is extremely dangerous for children. It’s gone too far.

We wouldn’t let a 10 year old get breast implants.

Why are we telling young people to do dangerous medical experiments.

People need to check their heads these days.

(*packs up soapbox)


On a happier note

🤯🤯🤯 this never happens with Netflix

Omg I’m going to play the trailer again now I’ve been cleared for it!!!!

I want to get this movie to do a full review.

I love zombie movies.

🥳 thank you Netflix!!!!

I asked them if I could do an interview with the filmmakers because it’s a brilliant film.

I saw him when I was 17🤦kinda would have preferred a rock concert in high school.

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