Felix Veneris amicis meis epularer

Happy Friday my friends

I’m still sick and so is WordPress. It’s still not letting me upload photos ๐Ÿ˜“

I have to switch apps but this new version

Today is annoying me and I can’t figure it out being groggy.

I have homework but I can barely concentrate to set up a live stream I’m probably going to fall asleep on.


I wouldn’t normally post Global but it’s a snapshot in time

I still haven’t heard from some of my friends in Gaza since the 25th. I have heard from some.

It’s hard to get messages with the lack of power and communication.

Others I think are dead. I just keep praying for them.

Even though they were Muslims they never treated me different. They know I’m a very secular Canadian Christian.

It’s hard when you talk to someone so long. You love them.

I don’t understand this war.

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