Art Therapy

****If you are feeling suicidal you will need medical attention more than I can provide. My site is primarily for entertainment and self help.  Nothing is too big to get thru. No matter how dark it seems you can get out of it. Remember that you matter, that you are worthy and you are loved**** Suicide Prevention ServiceHours: 24/7/365. Languages: English, French 833-456-4566 

Sessions can be directed studies over several weeks or a simple exercise to help focus on a goal. No art experience necessary, no expensive supplies required. Sessions relatable to your experience as a person, be it dance, music, cooking, mechanics, accounting or science.

Art Therapy

half hour session good intro session or if you are on the run


Art Therapy

one hour


Art Therapy

2 to 2 1/2 hours


I started this because I want to change the world. I want people to feel happy and empowered. I was a moderator for an American church last year and I see the impact 2020 has had on people.  Just having someone to talk to or reach out to makes a difference. I am very silly and cheeky but I am genuine, real and want to see people do well in life. Most people are scared of therapy. I was years ago. 

Offering art is an ice breaker way to direct a discussion. It isn’t what you draw, why did you pick that colour out of the box? I will sometimes ask you to write out a list of words related to “job” or “partner” or whatever issue that you need to tackle. I will be doing the standard dream board project in an extended session and subscription package. Any supplies are found at dollar stores and under $5. Most people have a few things kicking around the house.  ($10 for subscription and you will need a sketchbook. I recommend a hardcover from Island Blueprint ($10-50).

The focus isn’t on you becoming a better artist. It is about you becoming the best person you can be. 

Everyone deserves to be happy