Terms and Conditions

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I am not a licenced therapist. Neither is your bartender, hairdresser or the clerk running thru your groceries. I have have a BFA plus 4 years of extra credits in psychology, political science, art history, feminist theory, sociology and media studies. I have been a moderator in many online communities. Results may vary. All religions and races welcome, LBGTQ friendly and Christian friendly. Please be respectful. Sessions on Discord, Google Chat. No Facebook.


Massage and more 😉 Adults only. Couples welcome (no extra charge for the hour!)

You can chose to have a text only chat or voice/phone call as well. I will try to arrange your requirements. I understand vision/hearing issues.

No refunds on purchased items. Conditions as is. Prices maybe higher than eBay. I don’t care. Shipping may or not be included for some items. check your cart before payments.

Jewelry prices negotiable for wholesale or bulk orders