Least we forget

Lt. Andrew Richard Nuttall I didn’t know Andrew well. We were ships passing in the night at UVic. I was arts, he was focused. We hung out a few times after university. He was such a big soul. He was lost in Afghanistan. For whatever that war was worth. I see his name at the […]

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Not a good start to Halloween – Korea 2022

My prayers go out to the country This is heartbreaking. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – At least 149 people, mostly teenagers and young adults in their 20s, were killed in South Korea when a crowd celebrating Halloween surged into an alley in a night-life area of Seoul https://t.co/ZBB3cKhxO5 pic.twitter.com/evlVibGuUw — Reuters (@Reuters) October 29, 2022 https://twitter.com/hohocho/status/1586461030737412096?t=jAR8yIXENOitRKBZlYptIg&s=19 […]

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