Satur est

I’m getting frustrated with people. Creepy af… but Sound of Freedom isn’t real right? There are some bad people out there. Stay safe everyone We were lied to Pierre Poilievre ditching the glasses and showing off his muscles has been a HUGE political win so far He is now polling ahead of Justin Trudeau […]

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convertens nightlights in lucem

“turning the nightlights on in daylight to scare” I know I keep posting this song. I think it’s everything I’m dealing with online. It looks like my apartment, it looks like my dreams and if it’s a game…I want it… but I only want it with the lights out. 🚨 Illegal,Secret Chinese Bioagent Lab raided […]

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apples and oranges

My translator isn’t working today Thornhill MP Melissa Lantsman takes a few shots at Justin Trudeau, then introduces Anaida Poilievre.#cdnpoli #Vaughan — Caryma Sa'd – Lawyer + Political Satirist (@CarymaRules) July 29, 2023 Orlo tried to get me on his stream of the alien hearings. It’s cute. I’m sitting next to a stack of […]

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nuper nocte

I was up late last night I thought it was only a 4 hour stream. No wonder I’m tired today. What happened to 69😞 Cringe warning folks Omg what was he thinking No, if you are going into a business meeting and want to be taken seriously don’t wear sunglasses, slap on a suit and […]

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