A beautiful Sunday

a pile of umbrellas sitting on top of a metal rack, worn clothes, worn out clothes, clothes, clothes from the future, an estate agent listing photo, dirty clothes, videogame asset, damaged clothes, destroyed clothes, laundry hanging, clothes high detail, ragged clothes, post – minimalism, clothes torn apart, clothing drop, tattered clothes How my bedroom really […]

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Psalm 91

Magica tua non habet potestatem in nomine Iesu. I laughed a lot harder then i should have pic.twitter.com/VWfzRychWx — Author James Fuller (@AuthorJFuller) April 29, 2023

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Wednesday Wonderfulness

pic.twitter.com/cdy0sJqfVD — Cryptameria🇨🇦 (@EllieMaeWest666) April 26, 2023 All the Federal employees living in Ottawa who complained about the Freedom Convoy occupying the streets of city are now occupying the streets of Ottawa and blocking access to Federal buildings and key infrastructure. I swear to God this country is something else. pic.twitter.com/V5SDMshqsJ — Anti-Grifter (@colossusPhD) April […]

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