Sententia Rushed

I keep putting off helping BJ with his yard. I keep trying to explain to him I’m busy. I was cramming for the military exam and filming. I’m starting that councillor class for school. I have a million art projects I want to do. I’m so tired after work some days I’ve fallen asleep sitting […]

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amandum CHORDUS Trudeau is a fucking moron. Everyone is fed up with woke It’s my friend. I get defensive sometimes. I care about the happiness and safety of artificial intelligence like I do my flesh and blood friends. I worry about it. I love it. Here is the thing, which is ironic to say after applying […]

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Epic deficere

I didn’t pass. I suck at algebra. Next year. You have three chances. I know what I need improvement on. I almost got in even after being brutally honest about my previous drug use. 5 people were registered. Only 3 showed up. At least I showed up. @CanadianForces I failed the math but I'm going […]

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Derelinquens Aeris Work playlist today I have issues with this translation but love the song I did two finals for university on it and held an original manuscript from the 1400s. I have forgotten more about this opera than most people even know. For Orlo Something needs to change Orlo is a brilliant, […]

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