Truth and Reconciliation Day 2021

Home Watch “Xe xe Smun’ eem – Victoria Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters” on YouTube I think I have cried through most of this live broadcast. It means so much. Healing can’t happen in silence. Now these families have a voice. I spoke with Eddy Charlie at a multi-denominational service after the shooting […]

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Get the vaccine

Watch “Calls for lockdown in Alberta as hospitals pushed to brink” on YouTube There is no excuse for this other than stupidity. People had the chance to get vaccinated, now it is almost too late. All those people waiting for operations that can’t get them is disgusting. Funny how pro-life seems to go out of […]

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6 years on WordPress…

But I didn’t blog until this year. I am still getting into it. It has been a lifesaver. I wish I did it sooner but I started it right before I moved back to Victoria. My life became YouTube. I am still finding my voice as an artist. Life is a journey of self discovery. […]

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