I went to a party in a house that looks like this.

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They moved the house. It was on land that was unsettled in the courts. It was a beautiful house but smaller. It wasn’t completely trashed.

I was miffed with Canadian Catholic last night because he looked at a party, on campus with 200 people as no problem…hi buddy it’s a pandemic and it sends a bad message that these will be our future leaders.

I also know he doesn’t understand drinking. I told him campus was different when I went and I think he had a romanticized version of college like we all did growing up watching Hollywood movies.

At the time there was a gang war almost when I was upisland. There were shootings outside of the bars everyone had fake ids to.

I remember this party because it was people I met at the Queen’s or the Cambie and they knew I didn’t fit in. I was in school and super young.

But they were nice in ways the sorority sisters never would have been

I don’t agree with sororities on campus. Binge drinking and Americanized hazing weren’t part of my undergrad but I can see why CC might like the paddle.

Ain’t my cup of tea.

Yes, I hung out with very rough people most of my life. But they are real and honest for the most part, more than what I saw on campus before the pandemic.

If he thinks it is cool, it isn’t.

Ask a paramedic.

Not posting Metallica without Thin Lizzy and I am doing a longer blog on the original

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