Commuting artwork

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I’m going to try. Love and prayers ❤️🙏🪷 I love this program.  The AI was scanning my camera and was picking up how the bus looked. Freaky and cool at the same time.

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Weekend Tarot 🤦 Wow. These chicks didn’t like me. One joke about Voodoo and they got all freaky. Oh, it’s ok to talk about beating people up but comedy crosses the line. The Big Wheel: Piano Man (Official HD Video): ultimate church music

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Lip gloss and Tobacco sauce

Work was good today. I quit on Friday. First I said I was on strike. Wasn’t even I wanted to have St.Patricks off or a Friday. Not sure why my coworker left that there but I love Tabasco sauce. Usually he isn’t nice to me. I got yelled at hard and I had a full […]

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