Get the vaccine

Watch “Calls for lockdown in Alberta as hospitals pushed to brink” on YouTube

There is no excuse for this other than stupidity. People had the chance to get vaccinated, now it is almost too late.

All those people waiting for operations that can’t get them is disgusting. Funny how pro-life seems to go out of their way to worship death.

We wouldn’t need passports if we could trust people to be responsible.

As harsh as this sounds I think if people didn’t want the vax they should sign a form so they don’t waste our medical system. I don’t know what else will work. Why are people who have such disregard for medicine even going to the hospital.

And to all the nurses and frontline workers who won’t get vaccinated…why the fuck are you working in medicine? Find a new job. As much as I like Dr. Henry I am disappointed there was a wishy wash response to blatant stupidity. How were these people allowed to be in medicine to begin with?

If you don’t get the vax then you are a murderer. All there is to say about it.

How did common sense become uncommon?

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