Satur est

I’m getting frustrated with people.

Creepy af… but Sound of Freedom isn’t real right?

There are some bad people out there. Stay safe everyone


We were lied to

I didn’t realize it was him when the movie first came out ๐Ÿ˜

Butterfly release in South Surrey retirement community also a fundraiser

If you are a Christian, do you have to have a lobotomy because it sure seems like it with some people.

I still read cards, astrology but I have a Bible next to me

Thanks for sharing Timber. Yes, on a jobsite with fundamental Christians I understand, but he was way more focused on it than the homeowner.

ministry every day is halloween lyrics

“Well, I let their teeny minds think
That they’re dealing with someone who is over the brink
And I dress this way just to keep them at bay
‘Cause Halloween is every day, hey”

Why I wear it. To keep idiots away and if Christians act like this I don’t want to be associated with them even if I am one.

Baron is a troll. Sunny side up I’ve never met before. Linda is a good woman but I won’t be back to her channel even to hit the like.

Omg soooooo offensive!!!! Omg ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

I’ve been wearing a collar with a pentagram on it. I talk with my hands…… omfl how dumb are people?

I really did get baptized again, March 17, 2019.

It caused an argument with me and Timber. I’d have to take it off at the job site. That’s fine. Whatever. My shirt covered it up anyways but sure, I’ll take it off.

I don’t want to work for people who are more focused on my clothes than my ability. I’m taking it off for the job interview today but if I get it I’ll be wearing it when I’m hired.

I was pissed off at him last night. I told him to fuck himself.

Go play with Twister and leave me alone.

I sure won’t be back on Linda’s channel.  If people are like that I don’t need to be there. What idiots. Seriously. It’s the size of a nickel. They sure know how to put the fun in fundamental.

I have Muslim friends in Palestine and they have never freaked out by what I wear and have never questioned if I’m Christian. So what is wrong with Timber and Linda and the mods on her channel.

They are insecure about their faith.

I’m fed up with people. It’s a piece of jewelry.

If you are offended by a pentagram then you probably would hate my ink because it’s from the Necronomicon.

I’m born again but it wasn’t yesterday.

I don’t understand some people. I’m Christian but I still dress punk rock. I don’t feel the need to justify my relationship with Jesus. I’m secure in my faith. If people are offended by a little dog collar with a pentagram on it they are the ones who need to check their focus with Jesus.

That was something I found with the mods for the Swaggarts. So scared of God they are scared of everything. Like Mama in Waterboy. Everything is the devil.

Many Christians are ignorant and judgemental. If Jesus really is as loving as they say I seriously doubt that he cares about what people wear, he cares about how they act. He cares about if you worship him.

I don’t believe in hell. I know that sounds weird. Even when I was a pseudo satanist I didn’t believe in hell. This plane of existence is what I would consider hell.

Oh no Timber, I have a pentagram on Jesus ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿคฃ

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