Spirituality Vs. Dogma

I think we are in danger of turning back the clock on human rights for the sake of holding onto beliefs that have little bearing on life in 2021.

I find it so cringe when I listen to services that want to go back in time, that want to deny rights to large segments of the society. Every day I am so grateful to live in Canada. I worry about what is going on in the States

In the States one of the worst things someone can say is they are atheist. Here 10% put Jedi as their religion and the government said they won’t ask again. I think so many people voided that part of the box. I put Satanist as a joke. And Jedi. I like options. I am sick of being told I’m not allowed a sense of humor in theology. You can be critical. It is healthier than being blind or a doormat.

You can be moral without a book, it is called common sense and it is free. I know that non profit status helps churches, but asking for tithes is against the second covenant. So is homophobia (Gal. 3:28-29) SBN says Jesus is a capitalist and would never have social programs to help people. I know eh, totally dumb but they shovel that prosperity crap and people gobble it up. If you want to give to a church great, it shouldn’t be part of a service. If they are preaching how Jesus fixed everything then why go back to the OT except for greed.

I am told I am not saved, I’m not going to heaven unless I believe all that. Unless I put aside my entire education so I can make other people feel good about their version of make believe. Canadian Jesus says I am fine and stop listening to nonsense. We are buddies. Don’t be jelly.

I refuse to give more money to churches that discriminate against the LGBTQ community anymore. It makes me feel sick to know I am funding hate speech.

Peace be with everyone today. It is 2021. There is nothing wrong with worship but if it makes you challenge common sense then it is toxic.

One thought on “Spirituality Vs. Dogma

  1. Before you cast stones on so called snakes then maybe you should remember that non-profits should give a record of donations. I don’t care, I am walking away but it was a lesson in trust. Maybe I was only there to help pay for the bathrooms on a historical church some of the clergy don’t care about. “oh, it is historical, whatever that means”. I was there for repairs on the physical, what you need to fix is a challenge to your system because you need to address hate speech. Which is the real venom. Love the sinner, hate the sin goes both ways.

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