Homeless Encampments-Why Victoria mayor should be changed with criminal negligence

Big truck drove through the dog area at Crab Park this afternoon and started unloading tons of gear belonging to some homeless people. There was already 7 to 10 large tents set up… from vancouver

This article was interesting because it shows this is a larger situation than homeless.

I am disgusted with what happened in Victoria.

Now we have no hotels. For what? So junkies can have a free ride. I know what it is like to be in tough rental situations but I didn’t have a free room and ride. People are milking our system.

Anyone not from Victoria should be shipped back. That would also get rid of the nest of paid protesters (some from the states).

I am sick of this. How the (*BLEEP) does that happen to Beacon Hill.


This is by my work. I used to go there for lunch break. I am hoping things settle down by the time I go back to work

Lisa Helps needs to be charged with criminal negligence. Victoria is trashed because of her stupidity.

I am all for social programs but this is an invasion not a helping hand. As you can see from the Reddit comments this is an organized movement. This is more than just Victoria.

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