“In Conversation with The African Humanist” on Sidney Winston YouTube

Both are excellent YouTube channels. I have watched Sidney for years and so excited I found TAH’s channel. She is a force, intelligent, well spoken and well produced videos

Sidney is a hippie that is great at debates

This is part one of a longer discussion. I think there needs to be more networking in the atheist/humanist community on YouTube. In the horror movie/vintage media channels I don’t see the same competition. One program recently 5 people picked Halloween as their fav movie. Instead of a race for subscriptions it is more like a network similar to the car show circuit.

I feel like I missed so much media in the past two years being immersed in church. I really did try and took it seriously.

How did I not know he existed as a performer? Was I living under a bloody rock?

Or this. This happened right around the time I started church. I shut things down so much I missed this and I wasn’t there for the community. Maybe it was divine intervention but I feel selfish I wasn’t there during it.

Church was a media detox in some respects, a way to re-evaluate priorities. I feel like I am walking up from a coma.

Was church a mistake? No.

Will it be a mistake if I continue in the Pentecostal branch? Yes.

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