I love you Dad but. 

Growing up was a little messed up. Mom faked normal well.

I forgive you but I am not ready to let you in my life. I cut you off because of how you treated me in high school not the divorce.

I am not a fucking moron and that is a horrible thing to say to a teenager. How was that a happy bonding experience over homework.

Fk you. Sorry I was awful at parallel parking on standard but once again I am not a fucking moron and how dare you say that.

I forgive my dad. He grew up in an abusive household and learning what happened to Patsy the tradition continues. I am saving up to send her my beading supply. I can get more, it is harder to get it up North

Can I ask my family if my cousin’s were white would you have kicked them off the homestead? I seem to have gotten even more a golden pass because I was the first (*and worst) grandkid.

I love my dad but the first time he reached out to me after the divorce I was going for an internship and was so scared he would ruin it because he was into stupid conspiracy theories and I worked too bloody hard to let him ruin my life. Sorry dad but wtf?

Btw thanks for getting me braces.

One thought on “I love you Dad but. 

  1. not like I am not a beautiful version of a vampire cat but I might have had more options. But hey, all that mattered was him and stepping on eggshells. I love some things about childhood but as an adult I can say I do not want to be around abusive jerks who think I am worthless. I am sorry I wasn’t born with a penis and failed the whole clan. I wish I could have family but they are so toxic I am scared to. reach out.

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