My notes from university

…well, most of them. In big lecture halls you only have so much space to write. I would carry around a sketchbook anyways for my classes.

There are more. I lost some over the years.

I am planning on going through them on YouTube. Not just for the way to See how I have changed.

In university I was very driven but for Hollywood. Now I am happy being me without that. Think I dodged a bullet. Poor lifestyle choices or a saving grace?

I would have been vain and mean. I would like to say I would have used fame and power for good means but I was a kid. I was looking at it as a way out. I would have been exploited.

I sometimes thinking if I had gone to Stratford for Shakespeare or Vegas for Cirque. At the time of grad I had the invite but not the money to travel. Plus the thought of being somewhere I knew nobody especially the States was a bad idea.

Everything happens for a reason.

I took commerce even. Mixed in with frescoes and the role of iconoclasm within arts.

It will be an interesting series

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