New blog segment: Vampires

Watch “Little Vampire Official Trailer!” on YouTube

Keep telling yourself that dude

Yes, I look like a vampire cat, I might as well embrace my ugliness and own it.

I am going to work on a series about vampires.

And no CC, if you are invited in then you can swim in holy water eating garlic without burning.

In Islam half the Jinn listened to the prophets words, half went back to whatever Jinn do. Mostly cause household chaos like broken appliances.

There is a saying the Devil knows the Bible better than most folks on Sunday including the pastor. It’s true.

I get a smile thinking I am like a little Jinn on the hill listening to Mohammed. It is like God gave me a greater free will. Allah knows Jinn are Jinn and our nature is one of fire not clay. We will be spontaneous and destructive, but a needed evil. Fire warms the homes and keeps darker things away. I have a greater pass than “mortals” because God forgives me for my nature.

I want to start separating the history from the mythology. Pick apart the media we have created because believe me I have a bone to pick with Twilight.

Fine, it was filmed here but sparkly Mormon vampires is…dirty? Ewwww. Thank you for the 💵 boost to the local economy but come on? Glitter ball vampires?fml

If every culture has some form of “vampires” then maybe there is something there.

My dad’s side is Romanian. Of course I grew up with vampires. Maybe not the reading material for a 6 year old but at least we were honest about genocide in my family.

And the Southern States are worried about a little human trafficking. Fine you were dicks and sold people and still hold to the illusion of white privilege.

At least your family didn’t throw each other on stakes.

Well … nevermind, that is another blog.

Nothing to do with vampires but an awesome scene

Tgif?🌺it will be if Foxes win tomorrow

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