Burlesque yes?

This site might be taking a different spin in the future.

I don’t want to do porn, BUT…

If I have guys perving on my image and voice then might as well make them pay for it.

So no, I won’t be on live video chats next year like I did this year. I will be doing mine. I will lurk in the side chat, but I won’t be in as many.

Sorry Jesus, I know it’s sinful but I’m not getting the hours at work to afford modesty. You are as late with a winning lottery ticket as your second coming.

Plus you have blessed me with very beautiful boobies. It’s hard to leave the house some days.

Coming Christmas this site is starting the renovation. New template, new services, the works. I will even be offering private chats, for the right price.

Why not. Burlesque isn’t porn and even porn isn’t that bad to do. I got a rental increase I’m beyond stressed out about and people think I’m a whore and slut anyways. Not like I can degrade myself anymore than going on Sidney’s or Wildheart’s stream. Double fisting my bum is way more dignified and less painful than those wankers channels.

🥰 thank you. I’ve been scared for months to say anything but why should I live in fear of trolls.

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