Disappointing day

Work is slow, I’m having my hours cut. I have to find a second job.  I wanted to work on the next part of The Other Wize Man but so tired and demoralized I have no energy.

It might be tomorrow or the weekend.

Happy new year? At least they warned me. You can’t do that to adults. I’m not a kid looking for extra money for clothes. I don’t have a partner who supports me and I work as something to do while the kids are in school. I have to plan for rent and bills. I don’t think they wanted to tell me. They have a high turnover in the business and don’t want to lose people but I don’t want to be evicted. I have to be realistic.

Things will work out. Just stressful. Not the news I was expecting but what can you do.

2022, already off to a great start.  Just want I wanted. Wearing masks and handling out resumes.

Wake me up in 2023


It’s not like I wasn’t taking risks. Some of the customers have had Hazmat marked bags. I’m not looking forward to working in a really public place. I am worried.

If the work isn’t there then it’s not there.

Once I sort this site out I can make money on it. I am so conflicted about advertising. Morally I am against it, if I am doing pieces critical of advertising and media I feel like a hypocrite with marketing on here. Plus I hate Facebook. I hate it. But it is a required evil in the world. I don’t believe in hell but man, I hope Zuckerberg gets a little cosmic karma the little shark. I know hate is wrong but wow, so trying to find forgiveness.

Half the people I know on YouTube it’s only about the money. I sometimes feel like they promote you giving them money than content. Why I lost my patience with a few people.

I can’t be like that.

2 thoughts on “Disappointing day

  1. I hope the job situation works out.
    It is hard to make money on a blog, but I will say I have cost-justified mine a lot of times. From what I have read, you have aome product you are looking to market so you may not do half bad! 🤠🔥

    1. I think it’s hard because you know how much I loved printing. I love YouTube but it’s a hobby/lifestyle choice. God will find a way. Sometimes road bumps aren’t blocks but a stepping stone to a better path.

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