Matrix dream

I decided to give Richard the benefit of the doubt and listen to him take on theology. Something a little more peaceful before bed than the Al Jazeera English war show.

I must have fallen asleep or been halfway. I could hear it in the background of my dream. I’ve been so stressed out I haven’t been sleeping well or remembering my dreams. Like the sleep of the dead.

In the dream there was a new “video” game.

It started with a seed for a plant. You would throw it into a bowl of water. They would instantly grow into a white flowerd bonsai tree. The flowers looked like magnolia and smelled like lilly.

You would eat the flowers to log on.

It was similar to pokemon. You would see the game on your smartphone but you wouldn’t be able to see the game in person unless you ate the flowers.

There was an empty shell of a former warehouse and people would disappear walking into it. I would see people carrying bottles as if it was a party.

If you had special glass you could see the people in the building. The people would look fuzzy and pixilated, invisible without the lens.

The plants would pulse when they grew. I thought it might be an alien species. Looking at them they were hypnotic, like looking into the eyes of a cat.

I tried the flowers and joined the party.

Some of the people would try to push posts towards me and I could push them away with little effort. I knocked one guy against the wall. I was worried about hurting him but someone else laughed and said it was fine. His joy at the party was getting hurt.

There is more to the dream but it is personal.

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  1. Wow. The ‘organic computer interface’ aspect of your dream really reminded me of the Netflix show OA, which was tragically cancelled after 2 brilliant seasons. In it, multiple universes were mapped in the growth of a ‘garden’ of plants growing from people’s ears!

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