What side of history do Justin Trudeau and Biden want to be on

Here are our great “humanitarians”, “protectors of religion and bodily autonomy”

90% of truckers are vaxed. The rest we HAVE to protect.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Constitution says a government CANNOT force the rest to be treated like lab rats like the rest of us.

We have the right to peaceful protests. This is mine. I didn’t want to use my blog like this but I am scared for the truckers, I’m scared for Canada. I’m scared for the States.

My theme song for the year.

Psalm 91. May we be protected. May we walk in peace.

“How Trudeau pleaded Canada truckers ‘to stop’ after stir got ‘out of hand’; Similar protest in NZ” on YouTube

Can we get the turtle as Prime Minister? At least we know the turtle would show up for work.

This is done now.

It’s sick when a government pushes people to leave work, family.

To get arrested, assaulted, trucks and personal property destroyed by counter protesters? Slandered in the news.

Peaceful protest? Because we are peaceful! just average people and we are scared and fed up and we want our lives back.

It’s not fair, the government did this to the people keeping the supply chains going during this whole time.

How sick and evil are you.

You will not take away our rights.

Which side of history do you want to be on

I know where I stand and may God rest your soul if you don’t stand up for freedom

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