Dr.Henry, Adrian Dix and the BC NDP have lost my trust and confidence

Even more than CTV and CBC.

Total number of od’s in BC



Total number of deaths from covid the entire pandemic

2707-2725 (Conflicting sources)

I was so disgusting with the covid press conference yesterday. If Dr.Bonnie can’t look at those numbers and see what the greater danger to our community is then I don’t trust her. We really are just some kind of experiment to her at this time.

Two weeks, became two years and she was even saying this could be years.

If this doesn’t end now it never ends and I am sick of living in a medical prison.

Its the provinces not the federal government that control health requirements. Trudeau controls to border. The 10% of truckers cannot be forced to do something against their religion. It’s against the Charter.

Does he want to strap them to a table, jab them then force them into their trucks again? They are refusing to work. It’s over. The government cannot push people this far to protect their religious rights.

I almost feel like Dr.Henry would. She already knew there would be a 10% part of the population that would refuse on religious or moral grounds. I don’t see an end game with the BC government, but it was pretty clear from the truckers they can go no further.

What she didn’t put in her models is the fact humans weren’t meant to live like the past two years and people will give up.

It’s inhumane to continue.

Either with drugs or suicide or even like I am doing now just because I’m fed up with division in my community, I’m fed up with being a lab rat.

Adrian and Dr.Bonnie better figure out that God matters to people.

If I didn’t see the raw footage from the YouTube live streams I wouldn’t have even noticed how scary the country had become, how important it was for me to protect the live streamers on the ground. To stand up this 10%.

I have no connection to the convoy organizers. I’m just one person who is really good at messing with algorithms. I knew if I made enough noise on Twitter maybe, just maybe I could help keep people safe from across the country.

It’s over. Maybe they didn’t notice the tent cities, the empty storefronts. The domestic abuse rates.

We are dying anyways. We have been existing not living. Time to go back to life. Time to rebuild. Time to have discussions not debates. Vaxed, unvaxed doesn’t matter. We have covid for years to come but if we keep the mandates, we keep the restrictions

WE WILL HAVE NOTHING LEFT. WE NEED TO END THIS NOW. You suits need to get around to figuring out FAST.

This is the line. Here it is. You cannot force the truckers back to work.

It’s over.


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