Wonderful Russian YouTube channels

Some of these channels I saw for years, some I just found because I like the cooking shows.

She has some great cooking videos. This video is so funny. They are such a cute couple
He is like half my friends.
She is so gorgeous but so real and nice.
Even in the 1980’s Russian hatred wasn’t this bad
He seems like a sweet genuine person.
Her channel helped get me through the pandemic. Cool cooking ideas, a window on real life. She is a sweet minimalist. This is a beautiful video. It’s a very historical site.

As much as my acquaintances on YouTube want me to hate Russians, I refuse to. I find it concerning that otherwise peaceful people would be so bloodthirsty.

I don’t agree with Putin but I don’t trust the Western pull out when Canada trained Azov. I can’t. I feel sick people in my world can condone this…. but I’m the crazy monster right?

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