SBN chat is back…and I don’t care

It’s funny what time will do.

I fought hard to close it down.

Now it’s back, I don’t care. Enjoy freedom of speech.

I can’t be around people that toxic anymore. Just being there for a few minutes made me feel ill. There is a darkness, a mean streak with the mods and chat. I can’t do it again.

It’s absolutely disgusting to me to see other Christians insult and degrade others. Focus on your relationship with God, fuck off of my path.

To me it’s evil for them to put down another’s relationship with God. They are so afraid and insecure they need to put others down. It’s wrong and that’s not how God works.

The Swaggarts don’t OWN Jesus. They are not the end all be all of theology. The mods like Stluee and Song want the fame and status of being connected to a media church.

Let’s examine that… MEDIA church. It’s showbusiness first, God second.

They can’t see the forest for the trees.

There are other ways to witness without being pushy, mean-spirited biddies. They are nasty people in private chats and I don’t need to be around hateful old ladies with nothing else in their lives.

SBN isn’t even worth trolling. I’m blocked but these idiots don’t think I have a whole backlog of sock accounts? If I wanted to I could make their lives in that chat a living hell?

It’s not worth my time. They will dig their own hole. People will show their true colours and nasty bitches like Stulee will live their world view like a weapon. Very Christ-like, sure Jesus approves of being assholes.

No wonder their kids don’t want to be around them. Would you want to hang out with cult mommy?

That’s what the Swaggarts are, a cult.

Nothing to do with Jesus. Just money and power.

Be firm in your beliefs and know thyself. If you love God, that’s good enough and NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise.

Happy Sunday. I said my peace and can let it go.

God loves me and that’s all I care about. Not dumb jerks who are full of ego and spite.

Life is too short for dumb drama.

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