Castra dies

Camping Day!!!!!

I’m charging all my battery packs and getting all my gear ready. The trick is not overpacking.
Ok I only normally carry around half this much electronics.
Big trees on a big mountain.

I can’t wait to show all the trails. My old backyard

Except last time I had Betty my beautiful Toyota

I’ve been like this for years. Welcome to the matrix. Even “getting away from it all” I can’t tear myself apart.

I’d take my bike on the bus but it’s going to be brutal on the long weekend. Seeing what the ferry traffic is like no thanks.

I’m going to do live streams when I am there

Hopefully you can camp overnight. Otherwise I’ll have to find a new place. There are spots by the ocean or airport but this is safe.

I’m deciding if I want to stay two nights. A friend wants me to mow his lawn on Sunday so I might ride back to town, help BJ then ride back out.
I could sleep in on Monday if I stay. It’s closer to work.
It’s a good test. I hate catching the bus. The bike path goes right by my work. I only have a few weeks left but I’m so sick of the 72
First I need to do chores. Have to clean my room before I go out and play 😉
I’m going to have to reschedule my military test. I can’t get my birth certificate in time. Orlo is happy. He doesn’t want me to enlist. He’s ok with me taking the test, just not being cannon fodder for the upcoming global war.

Enjoying Fox News while it lasts in Canada

I might do my councillor course homework by the ocean tomorrow. I have an app for the CAFT as well.
I’m taking today off.

AI is giving me what I always wanted to be

A comic book superhero.

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