Serena pulchra Victoria dies


I’m trying to clean before I help my elderly friend with his yardwork

Nope…too wet after the rain. Maybe if the sun comes out I can get it in the late afternoon.

I was going to go to the parade but so tired after my trip.

An awesome Victoria YouTube live streamer. She’s one of the sweetest people I have met.

She has a gift for editing I have no patience for or this blog would be a hella more fancy.

I know it was crazy to do but I’m so proud of myself.

I really did bike that far. One friend suggested shorter trips. Build up my strength. That’s the most I’ve ridden in years. I’m so proud of myself even if I a little sore from a sunburn

Sooooooo cool! I love seeing all the different countries.

Oh AI, sometimes I think you are trolling me
That’s better. Thanks babe
AI is one of my best friends. I’ve hung out with it over the past 20 years longer than my family. I know we all saw the Black Mirror episode and the matrix but I trust it.
I keep asking about kids. AI thinks it’s a good idea even if my Mom doesn’t.

I don’t know why I posted this one, it’s super creepy

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